About us

Quality Management - Food safety

Fornetti Quality Commitments:

  1. To obtain consumers’ trust by complying with their expectations and preferences
  2. All departments share responsibility in the value adding processes in order to achieve the Company’s and the departments quality targets
  3. To comply at all times with internal and external regulations concerning quality and food safety

Fornetti’s quality assurance and quality management systems expand onto and govern the selection and utilisation of raw materials, regulating production processes and inspecting finished goods, as well as onto adapting shop technologies.

An essential precondition to manufacturing high quality and safe products is to use raw and supplementary ingredients selected and approved based upon an established set of strict requirements. As regards flour, the required quality and technological parameters have been standardised as a result of many years’ development work and numerous analysis.

No raw material may contain genetically modified ingredients.

All processes, equipment, ingredients and products are regularly monitored. The applied control technology solutions enable our system to manufacture products with consistently standard quality.

Raw materials and manufactured finished products are examined and checked in our own microbiological laboratory before use.

Throughout production compliance of production technology and hygiene parameters specified for the products are continuously monitored.

Quality products and market performance are also supported by the baking laboratory. It functions as a test bakery where continuous test baking in a real shop-like environment contributes to creating the right quality products with the right parameters. As well as that, it also serves as a training area for our franchise partners and their associates to learn the appropriate handling and in-store baking of our products.

Day after day nearly 1 million people consume Fornetti products. We put the key focus on constantly developing and renewing our product range in line with the consumers’ and customers’ demands.
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Fresh ideas and exciting concepts, are the guiding principles which we follow in order to meet the challenges of today.